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KCFW-Friday Runway I

Last week Will and I attended the Kansas City Fashion Week Friday runway. There are so many amazing designs and cool pictures we want to share with you! So we decided to do the two segments of the event on separate posts. On this first one, you will get a glance at the collections of Joshua Christensen, Ethel and Dean, Julia Fischer and Nasheli Juliana. Click on each designer's name above their pictures to view their page. 

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Garden Party-KCFW

Fashion week begins in Kansas City and although some might be surprised to hear this Midwest region is interested in apparel, this is nothing new. In the late 1940’s the Kansas City Garment District was a major clothing manufacturer, according to the KCFW website, at that time: “1 out of every 7 women in the United States purchased garments made in Kansas City”. 

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