Why I Think Dressing Nice is Self-Care

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Who do you think women dress for?

I have heard different answers to this question. If the woman wears clothes that accentuate her body, like bodycon dresses or low-cut tops; some quickly assume that she dresses for men. If she chooses colorful prints and A-line dresses (think Jess from New Girl), some claim she falls into a category of women who dress for other women; hoping to be recognized for their fashion sense.

What about women who dress for themselves?

When I choose what to wear, I think of myself. That means I think of my comfort, but let’s not limit the definition to leggings and sneakers. Dressing “nice” makes me feel good. For me, “nice” frequently involves colors, prints, fringes, interesting combinations. I do not dress nice to attract looks or compliments. If a friend says she likes what I am wearing, I appreciate the comment, but my point is, my motivation to dress up goes beyond that.

Dressing how I want to dress is self-care. It means embracing my style. It means I know I am worth feeling good every single day.

On those exhausting school days when I haven’t slept enough and have a million things to do, wearing something I love makes my day. On cold days that remind me how much I miss warm weather, wearing something colorful makes my day. It does not matter if others think my outfit looks good or bad. The important thing is that I look in the mirror and love my reflection.

The way each one of us likes to look will not be the same. You might opt for comfortable fabrics, creative combinations, professional attire, or mini skirts.

I do not care what dressing “nice” means to you. I care that you do it, for yourself, and as often as you can. You are worth it.