Visiting Facebook's Headquarters in a Maxi Dress

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I imagined the building would look like their logo: blue and corporate. Executives wearing ties, glancing at their watches and rushing to the next meeting.

Like many, I heard rumors of how wonderful companies like Facebook and Google are. But they were just rumors, and can not compare to actually being there. I worked for Amazon once, at one of their call centers in Costa Rica; they had free popcorn and a nap room, which at the time blew my mind and won them my “work environment” praise.

During our trip to California, and thanks to our friends Priscilla and Sola, we got to visit Facebook’s headquarters. The blue corporate building that I imagined vanished, leaving a “city meets wonderland” in sight. A whole campus with innovative architecture and beautiful art around every corner. I could go on and on about the food, the interior design, the arcade room, the bike shop, but it would take me hours. I made a personalized “Colors of Costa Rica” pin-back button at their crafts room and Will made cappuccinos using one of their espresso machines; that summarizes the broadness of the amenities.

In the midst of it all, I wished for two things:
One: for more companies to find inspiration in art museums and amusement parks for their work environments.
One and a half: For me & Will to work at one of those companies.
Two: for a mini photo shoot to show off some of the locations and my dress. Oh yes, the dress!

The easily underrated A-line maxi dress turned out to be the perfect companion. The stretchy fabric was comfortable and soft to touch. The overall print was striking, but I really enjoyed the bold colors and how flattering the darker diamond-shaped print looks.

My second wish came true. If the first one does not come true, Zuckerberg, you have the power to make one and a half real. If you ever need a writer and a photographer, you know where to find us.
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