Summer Denim

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Nothing like shorts that say “Hotter than hell” to make you feel proud. What a find! I mean, how often do you get a pair of shorts that tell you what the weather is like? ;) Not that you would need them; just trust your sweaty palms and forehead and assume the temperature is above 90 °F.

This is not a weather complaint; I am actually thrilled that summer is here! School is out, and although Will and I are working full-time, we get to spend the weekends riding our bikes, strolling downtown, and trying out new recipes (home-made pizza most recently). 

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Warmer days also allow me to play a bit more with my wardrobe and re-explore some of my favorite summer pieces, such as these embroidered denim shorts from Express and this bohemian top from Knox Rose. I loved combining these two garments because of the visual balance created by mixing an over-sized loose piece with a form-fitting one. 

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Thanks for stopping by. Let us know how's your summer going, any trips or plans? Comment below. 

See you soon,


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