My Birthday: Ariel, Beyoncé, and Life Not Going According to Plan

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Is it the Leo in me wanting to be celebrated, or my sweet-tooth inner child craving cake and ice cream? Either way, I have always loved to celebrate my birthday. To this day I remember most of my birthday gifts, including the Dónde están los ladrones? Shakira CD.

When August comes around the corner, I always get excited and start making plans; however, life does not always go according to those plans.

On my ninth birthday I was lying in bed with fever as guests arrived for my party. On my 15th birthday I planned to show up to my quinceaños with gorgeous, bouncing curls; they lasted the 15 minutes that it took my dad to drive us from the house to the venue. Guess what happened this year? I could not talk. I woke up like Ariel, the Little Mermaid: human, speechless, and apparently pretty old, because no one was understanding my Little Mermaid reference (Ariel gives her voice to Ursula and in return, Ursula turns her into a human. There you go, one more piece of useless Disney trivia. You are welcome).

The point is that after several days with cold symptoms and sore throat, I woke up without voice on my birthday. I suspect I caught a virus in Chicago, and also I might have yelled too loud at Beyonce’s concert. But hey, when Beyoncé asks everyone to sing louder, you sing LOUDER. End of discussion.

I did not let my speechlessness ruin my plans. Will and I had breakfast together at café Berlin; he ordered for me. Then, we went to the park and had a lovely dessert picnic. As I was eating I had a revelation: Who needs to speak when you can just stuff your mouth with chocolate mousse and macaroons? Not me.

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