Santa Teresa

It wasn’t easy to get there, but without a doubt, it was a lot harder to leave. We lived in Cartago in 2014, when we first visited Santa Teresa. We took two buses and a ferry, and we would do it again and again. See, this is the place where you actually go to relax. Now that I think about it, that last sentence will probably be repeated in the next posts we will share with you, I guess we relax too much, or not enough.


Because Santa Teresa is located on the far corner of the Peninsula of Nicoya, in the Pacific coast (map), the fastest way to get there is by crossing the Gulf of Nicoya in a ferry (if you're not flying). So we hopped out the bus, hopped in the ferry, and enjoyed the sea breeze, and of course the view. When you buy the Santa Teresa bus ticket, the ferry fare is included, so all you need to do is get back in the bus once you cross the gulf.

We walked to the hotel, and as lovely as the pool was, we couldn’t stay away from the pebbled/white sand beach. We just sat there, not talking at all. We marveled at the beauty of an unknown place, awaiting to be discovered. And discover it, is exactly what we did. We had great meals, delicious fish tacos, falafels… We found a wonderful bakery, where you can get a mean cup of coffee and chocolate pastries; we even bought bread for dinner. This place has a very relaxing vibe; you will find tip jars that ask for “Money to Surf”, and “Closed” signs due to “Good waves, went surfing”.

What is so special about Santa Teresa? Santa Teresa was the beach where we did one of our first photoshoots, Blackbird. Besides that, there is no simple answer, but even today, after three years, we still talk about going back. And going back we will, maybe for a second wedding?

Text and photos: Aurola Wedman IG: aurola.wedman  FB: Colors of CostaRica

Photos and text: William Viquez  FB:WillPhoto  IG:will.viquez

Location: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica