Moda Shoot

I would say that now, more than ever, you can truly be whatever you want to be. A fashion designer, a blogger, a model… It is no longer up to destiny to place you right in front of that café, under perfect light, at the exact time a model scout happens to walk out, and determines you are incredibly beautiful. No, now we have countless model agencies, social media, networking events. People actually have a shot at carving their own destiny.

MODA Shoot, a portfolio building event that takes place in Kansas City, is one of those networking events that all models, especially new ones, should know about. For a small investment, models will have the opportunity of getting their hair and make-up done by professional artists, wear beautiful outfits (provided by boutiques or local designers) and then, have their pictures taken by different photographers, while coached by an experienced model.  


Colors of Costa Rica attended the most recent Moda Shoot last Sunday, July 30th, and I can truly say I felt very happy. Happy for the models who can begin their career in a motivating and empowering environment. Happy for the make-up artists, and photographers that work together to achieve amazing results. Happy for the designers and boutiques who will also get great images of their products! It is fulfilling to see such good team work, it helps the fashion industry grow, and it ends up being beneficial for all of us. 

The best part is that the next event is about a month away! Moda Shoot III will take place on September 17th, and has great sponsors, such as Lee, Kansas City Fashion Week, Kansas City Fashion Council, 816 Studio, Atherton Photography, MCK brands, and Ensemble. Whatever your artistic goal is, this is a great event to be a part of, you can apply to be volunteer, you can register as a model, or contribute as a photographer, designer, or make-up artist.

 For more information, visit their website at:

Text: Aurola Wedman IG: aurola.wedman  FB: Colors of CostaRica

Photographer: William Viquez  FB:WillPhoto  IG:will.viquez

Location: Kansas City