Plaza Café

By: Will


Plaza Café, Liberia, Guanacaste

Plaza Cafe does not open with the first ray of sunlight that shines over the beautiful province of Guanacaste, nor with the schedule published on the Facebook page; it opens way before dawn, when many are still asleep. Sometimes it opens from the night before, when some go to bed or out to party. Why? Because 90% of Plaza Café’s products are homemade.


We are a sister and two brothers and we all cook because of our parents. Each one did their share of work so that today we try to give our best with each "mise en place". The outcome is, just like having lunch at home after school, the best meal of the day.


The barista and chef is my brother. He wakes up early, plans, cooks, bakes and tastes everything at home. You can imagine how wonderful it is to be present and to get to try everything fresh from the oven. My mom helps and coordinates from time to time because there is no university that can teach the experience of a mother.


Why go to Plaza Café?

I love the coffee, of course, it plays the leading role during a great afternoon. No matter how hot Liberia gets, I always start with an espresso followed by a cappuccino. With the first, I savor by itself the coffee from Palmares, that belongs to one of the eight coffee regions in Costa Rica (Valle Occidental). The cappuccino is exceptional, good cream and silky texture of the frothed milk.  I don’t miss the opportunity to try the natural flavor of the coffee, but if you prefer something refreshing, order a frozen coffee or a lemonade, they’re delicious.


I recommend a biscotti with your coffee (if there are any left, for some reason they always disappear quickly). If you are hungrier ask for the Plaza Club sandwich: smoked roast beef, Montino cheese and caramelized onions on artisanal white, wheat or Italian bread. For desert don’t forget to try the homemade chocolate or carrot cake.


The hardest thing about going to Plaza Cafe is leaving. When I get home (in Cartago) I tell myself: “I should’ve tried that or I should’ve had more of the other…”. I have come to the conclusion that it is best to leave something to do, to taste, because you have to go back.


Plaza Cafe’s goal is not just to have clients that come to try a coffee or a sandwich, the idea is to become a meeting point. Plaza Café is the place you visit to have a conversation while enjoying your morning or afternoon with friends, family and a cup of coffee.


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