Picking out your wedding bands is an important part of the wedding planning. The idea is to find a long lasting, comfortable piece of jewelry that reflects your personality.Impegno distinguishes itself from other jewelries by offering couples, more than the final product, the opportunity to participate in the making of their wedding bands.

We loved the idea of being part of such a creative process and the beautiful styles we saw on the catalogue, won us over. We scheduled an appointment and headed to Impegno’s shop in San Ramón.

The making of a ring is an amazing process, watching the gold melt, shaping and filing it. It definitely opens your eyes to what’s behind the shiny jewel displayed in a store window. Besides it’s really cute to put so much attention and detail into the ring you are making for your boyfriend/girlfriend. The jeweler, Esteban, explained each phase carefully and helped us perfect everything, so that our rings were flawless. This is art, and it takes more than a day to learn. Meanwhile the photographer, Lizandra, made us feel comfortable and achieved beautiful and natural shots.


Besides the technical part, we loved the family environment. Some of the relatives gathered around to share a snack, talk and get to know us. The interest and support that the family shows for the work that’s done at the shop, regardless of the amount of years they have been doing this for, really moved us. A wedding band is a symbol of love, a promise. In our case, it will also be the reminder of a sunny morning when we melted gold and engraved our bands with those nicknames we call each other by.


As a final advice, I would tell you to choose as a couple but also as an individual person. I wanted yellow gold and Will preferred white gold, so we chose a common style and the metal each one liked best. It’s not necessary for your bands to look exactly alike, think about your style and taste. If you already have your engagement ring, try it on with the design you would like for your band. Make sure they complement each other, instead of getting carried away by the one with the biggest rock.

Above all, experiment and have fun!

Pictures 1,3,4 & 6-9: Lizandra Salas

Pictures 2&5: William Víquez (

Wedding bands: Impegno (