J'aime le café

I love coffee.

I love it not only because it tastes good; no, not good, great. I love it because along with coffee comes the stories, the laughter, the joy, sadness…the memories good and bad, but mostly good. My love affair started back in 2007 when I wasn’t in my coffee producer country, Costa Rica. Funny, but true story. Lonely, cold afternoons brought me a new friend. In silence we met. Little by little we made plans to meet in the same place at the same time. I was greeted with lovely smells of chocolate and orange. The sweet nectar danced in my mouth like never before; desiring the music to go on forever. Wishing for the date to last until the next morning and then some more. This will be a long relationship, the kind that lasts until one parts. Side by side in good and bad, sadness and joy.

I love coffee,


Location: Plaza Café, Liberia, Costa Rica    Facebook: Plaza Café

Pictures: William Víquez   Facebook: WillPhoto