Japanese Garden

I have lived in Cartago for a long time and had never visited the Lankester Garden. When I was there last year, I knew it was “a must” for future photo shoot locations.

I designed a romantic dress with japanese- inspired details and bought a paper umbrella. I figured I should post the entry in February (being the month of love), but my month turned out to be a lot more than I expected (hence the 3 day delay). In February I experienced the importance of being thankful, of appreciating the time you spend with loved ones and lastly, I found out no dream is too big if you believe in it.

My younger sisters moved abroad, which gave us an excuse to spend more time together before they left. We had a nice time and it was clear how important it is to listen and care for those we usually take for granted.

My fiancée and I had a nice Valentine’s dinner. I wanted to try this bar-restaurant I had been hearing a lot of, Rávi (which we didn’t know before hand, was vegetarian). We were both surprised at how good the food was! I’m sure we wouldn’t mind passing on meat more often if we cooked jasmine rice like that!

That wasn’t the last surprise of the month. On Monday morning I turned on my computer to find out who was the winner of a raffle made by Expo Novia. Basically it’s a wedding related exposition where you can meet sellers of dresses, suits, cakes… you name it! So any way, the couple that wins, gets an x amount of dollars to use on wedding products. You can only image my surprise when I went into their Facebook page and saw that against all odds -there were 1756 contestants- we had won!

Besides a whole bunch of pasta my family won at a bingo contest because my dad was the tallest guy, I had never won a contest or raffle. I can only say that when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be…

Dress design: Aurola Wedman  Facebook: Colors of Costa Rica   Instagram: aurola.wedman

Photographer: William Víquez     Facebook: WillPhoto    Instagram: willviquez

Lankester garden: www.jbl.ucr.ac.cr/php/inicio/inicio.php